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The Company

The Latin Dance Company:  We have the longest running Salsa dance class in the state. We teach Bachata too! Private lessons are available and several of the citie's Salsa/Bachata teachers started here.  

Social Media
You will find us on Face book via our LDC Entertainment Productions page. Please visit and like us. We have the largest Dance Meet-up Portal in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Baila Salsa Meet up. It is designed to get people off the Internet and meeting new friends and new dance partners. You can join for free. Check us out at  

 The Staff 

Director -Christine "La Maestra" Almeida:

 Christine, founder and director of the Latin Dance Company, has been teaching salsa for over 17 years.  "La Maestra" is a recognized brand in the city of Milwaukee's Latin Dance Community and  she conducts the longest running Salsa class in the state. Several former LDC students are working dance instructors today. ( For information on teacher training programs, click on the programs and services tab above.) Her ability to improve on your technique on first analysis is only one of the reasons for her longevity in the field.  She is credited as the first to recognize the untapped talent of Milwaukee's Salsa club dancers and to produce programing that introduced them to the arts at prestigious performing arts venues such as; the Milwaukee Art Museum's Calatrava, the Center for the Performing Bradley center, the Peck Pavilion and more.  Christine has produced musicals and directed dance performances for the theater and stage. As former publicist and media coordinator for the World's Largest Bachata Congress and Music Festival, "The DC Bachata Congress, she interviewed and witnessed performances from the best Latin dancers in the world.  Her travels allow her to work and continue learning from renowned professionals in the US, South America, and Europe. She aims to bring her learning experiences back to her students. She curently resides in West Allis, WI.  and teaches groups and prvates several nights a week.  

Ernie Torres: 

LDC Assistant and teacher in training. Ernie hails from Jacksonville, Florida, USA. and had lived in Milwaukee for less than a month when he was noticed after attending only three lessons. He was invited to train as an instructor for the Latin Dance Company because of his ability to quickly pick up new dance material, his friendly and outgoing personality, and the way that he put new dancers at ease by helping  them work through new combinations.   

Greg Kapus:

Volunteer instructor, but he is accepted as part of the LDC staff.  Greg  is always willing to help when needed whether it is setting up audio, helping to demonstrate with the instructor, or working with our newest students with the basics.  He transitioned from Ballroom class to Salsa class when he observed salsa being taught at the studio where he was taking a class.  He fell hard for the genre, and the instructor and married her four years later. He not not only dances Salsa in his spare time, but also takes Conga lessons with a popular area musician and vocal artist, at the Wisconsin Conservatory of MusicHe plays several other percussion instruments as well! As a long time student, Greg has memorized hundreds of combinations. Because of his patience, and his ability to encourage new dancers to not give up when a  complex move is overwhelming, the students love him!  This, together with his tremendous memory for dance combinations, assure us that he is a valued member of the Latin Dance Company family and we call on him to help out with class when ever he is available.